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Alyssa Foods

Sustainably Sourced
Seafood Products 

We strive to be Atlantic Canada's preferred provider of healthy, high-quality and innovative seafood products.

Delicious And Sustainable Seafood Products

We're Alyssa Foods. We specialize in producing gourmet codfish, pollock and fish cake, to ensure the best for the marketplace. 

What We Supply

Looking to buy quality, sustainable seafood products at a market price? Alyssa Foods has been supplying individuals and retail outlets with the best seafood products since the beginning.


All of our food is processed in a government-inspected facility that meets all of the necessary licensing and permits required by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA).

Alyssa Foods | What we supply
Alyssa Foods | Get to know us

Get to Know Us

We understand that the seafood industry is constantly changing. Since our founding, we’ve gone through various changes to incorporate more sustainable ways of catching fish for our products and are proud of the steps forward we've taken to reduce our footprint.


Learn about our company and see the actions we've taken to be better to our oceans while providing our customers with a top-quality product. 

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